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Good Spender

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Social Traders announced the closure of Good Spender in early January 2018. During it’s operation, Good Spender successfully raised the visibility and awareness of social enterprise to Australian consumers.


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Operating between 2014 and 2018, Good Spender was an online marketplace connecting consumers who wanted to make a difference by purchasing from social enterprises. Over this time, over 90 social enterprises were engaged, and over 11,000 products were sold – each contributing to social impact within their cause.

Good Spender was developed to support social enterprises and enable consumers to buy from a large number of social enterprises in one place. Over the past 4 years, we have seen significant growth in the social enterprise sector, enterprise capability and increases in technology engagement within the sector. In general, consumers have become much more discerning about where their products come from, more supportive of local business and excited about the idea of buying from social enterprise so that their purchases have positive social impact. We encourage you to continue buying from social enterprises, and use the knowledge you have gained through the Good Spender platform to inform your future purchasing decisions.

Good Spender was developed as a partnership with Social Traders through Australia Post’s National Community Partner Program.

Social Traders

Since 2008, Social Traders has been a leader and pioneer in the development of Australia’s social enterprise sector.

As a result of a strategic review in 2017, Social Traders has shifted it’s direction to take on the next challenge to unlock the massive potential of social enterprise procurement by connecting ST certified social enterprises with business and government buyers. For more information, please browse our homepage or visit:

Australia Post

Australia Post has been connecting communities for more than 200 years. Our Neighbourhood is Australia Post’s community program which represents a philosophy of support, connection and helping communities work better for everyone.  This community program is supported by the entire Australia Post enterprise and is underpinned by an intent to create better communities where everyone feels included, involved and connected.

For more information about Australia Post’s Our Neighbourhood community program, visit

Australia Post continues to support social enterprise through social procurement as a Social Traders Buyer Member.