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Social Traders launches certification mark for Australian social enterprise

April 23, 2018

Last updated on April 24, 2018

For the first time, the growing Australian social enterprise sector will be better defined as an industry, thanks to a new Social Traders certification mark.

The new certification offer is designed to provide social enterprises with brand credibility and enhance their prospects of winning commercial procurement contracts with business and Government buyers, ultimately helping them pursue their social causes.

Certified social enterprises will carry an identifiable logo-mark that they can use across promotional materials.

Certification also provides access to a range of Social Traders tailored services that assist enterprises scale and grow; as well as access to exclusive networking opportunities and connections to the broader social enterprise community.

“Overall, Social Traders certification is designed to create a more well-defined social enterprise sector and greatly enhance opportunities for growth,” said Social Traders MD David Brookes.

“Until now, the social enterprise sector has been loosely identified with no single definition.  For us, social purpose is the primary criteria and as such recognition via Social Traders certification makes it easier for business and government to buy from these social enterprises.

“We are certifying enterprises that meet a definition, which closely aligns with international standards. We aim to provide credibility, and share the awareness and trust that lies in the reputation of Social Traders.

“By extending Social Traders brand equity to the trusted social enterprises we work with, this certification logomark provides assurance to business and government buyers that Social Traders has endorsed a business as a social enterprise.”

There are approximately 20,000 social enterprises operating in the Australian marketplace.

Brookes said that Social Traders estimated that for every $100,000 dollars spent on social procurement, 1.5 jobs are created for those suffering or at risk of disadvantage.

“Social Traders is actively working to help buyers understand the huge social impact and significant community benefit they can achieve by including social enterprise in their procurement decisions,” Brookes said.

He said that the Victorian Government Level Crossing Removal Authority was leading the way, being the first body to adopt a social procurement policy, requiring that goods and services across its 50 projects are purchased from social enterprises.

Read more about certification here.



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