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Social Procurement

Buying from a social enterprise is one of the most effective ways of breaking the cycle of disadvantage and strengthening Australian communities.

The power of buying socially means that every time goods and services are bought from a social enterprise, positive social change is also created. Buying from social enterprises is something that can be done by government, business and consumers through responsible purchasing.

When business and government choose to buy from social enterprise we refer to this as social procurement. In essence, you get the product or service that you would have gotten from a commercial supplier, but you also get the added value created through jobs and opportunities for people who may have struggled to find work, reinvigoration of depressed or marginalised communities as well as driving better business outcomes through improved staff engagement and positive brand messaging.

The simple decision to buy from social enterprise can deliver huge benefits to individuals and communities. People who have spent years out of work are often the target beneficiaries for social enterprises. A job for one of these people can be transformational, for that person and for their family. When you consider that tens of thousands of people are benefiting from social enterprises across Australia, we can see that it is a significant agent for social change with enormous potential to scale its impact.

If you are a social enterprise and would like to learn more about social procurement, click here.