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What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprise sector snapshot

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.

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Social enterprise sector snapshot

Finding Australia’s Social Enterprise Sector (FASES) is the first and to­ date only CENSUS of social enterprise in Australia.

Through identifying and mapping the social enterprise sector in Australia with the FASES 2010 and FASES 2016 research, it was found:


There are an estimated 20,000 social enterprises operating across all industry sectors

Company Size

73% are small businesses, 23% are medium sized and 4%
are large organisations


38% have been in operation for 10 years and 34% in operation for between 2-5 years


35% target people with disabilities, 33% target young people and 28% disadvantaged women

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