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Three Things I’d Like to See – Sophie Weldon, StoryPod

June 1, 2016

Last updated on March 29, 2018

Sophie Weldon is passionate about connecting generations through storytelling. Sophie will be taking part in this year’s Social Traders Masters Conference, sharing her story as an emerging leader in social enterprise as a young entrepreneur and collecting delegates vision and stories with her video storybooth initiative, StoryPod.

Ahead of the conference, looking at the conference theme of ‘Realising the Future of Social Enterprise, Sophie has also shared three things she’d like to see in the future of social enterprise development.

1. I’d like to see more ‘slow change’ principles applied in social enterprise (slow change does not mean slow progress, it means mindful, connected, values driven change).

2. I’d like to see more 70-90 year olds on panels, and more cross generational collaborations.

3. I’d also like to see us work towards a shared goal of Gross National Happiness, not just increasing Gross Domestic Product through our innovations

More about Sophie

Sophie is Founder and Director of Humankind Enterprises, a social business with the primary aim of improving social connectedness and resilience.
Sophie is passionate about driving social change by reconnecting youth and seniors through her StoryPod initiative. StoryPod hires video booths to community orgs, councils and businesses to capture stories.
Sophie is also working with Deakin University to develop an app and an intergenerational program that will enable young people to record stories of elders in their community and reduce the isolation that they face. She was Australia’s first Youth Representative to the UN Refugee Agency in 2005, was selected for FYA’s Changemaker in Residence program in 2013, was responsible for conceptualising and delivering Oxfam Australia’s ‘Design for Change’ platform, has produced multiple award winning short films on disability and refugee issues and in 2015 was awarded a Myer Innovation Fellowship.
See Sophie at the Social Traders Masters Conference 2016 on June 7-8. Click here for program and ticket details.
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