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Three Things I’d Like to See – Matt Allen, Community Recycling Network Australia

June 4, 2016

Last updated on February 27, 2018

Matt Allen will be sharing his background as a young entrepreneur and experience managing a range of non-profts over the past 10 years at the Social Traders Masters Conference.

Ahead of the event, Matt has also shared three things he’d like to see in the future of social enterprise development.

1. Experimentation with different structures and decision-making styles that empower people with the tools to change their own lives.

2. The development of stringent and transparent standards for social enterprise certification.

3. Social enterprises at a global scale, reducing the market share and influence of multinational for-profit firms.

More about Matt
Matt is Convener of the Community Recycling Network of Australia, a national network of waste-management social enterprises. He has been involved in the management of various non-profits for the past 10 years, most recently as the Coordinator/ General Manager of Resource Work Cooperative in Hobart, Tasmania, and is interested in organisational structures that achieve project goals while also redistributing power and encouraging collaborative leadership. Matt is an occasional consultant, a board member of Hobart social enterprise startup Hamlet Inc, and an MBA (Social Impact) candidate at UNSW.
See Matt at Social Traders Masters Conference 2016 on June 7-8. Click here for conference program and ticket details.
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