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Three Things I’d Like to See – Luke Terry, Toowoomba Clubhouse

May 6, 2016

Last updated on June 14, 2018

As part of this year’s Masters Conference, Luke Terry will be sharing his story of creating successful social enterprises in regional areas, having been a part of the emerging social enterprise landscape in Toowoomba.

Luke is a serial social entrepreneur and winner of the 2015 Social Enterprise Champion award. Luke works as the Executive director of the Toowoomba Clubhouse, a social enterprise that works with more than 800 people in regional Queensland with a lived experience of mental illness. Luke is also currently working on a $5m social enterprise commercial laundry project and previously has also established Ability enterprises, and the Toowoomba social procurement project.

Ahead of the conference, looking at the theme ‘Realising the Future of Social Enterprise’, Luke has also shared three things he’d like to see in social enterprise:

1. For social procurement to be the number one priority of government and corporates to solve Australia’s most complex social problems.

2. A non profit Google / Spotless or Apple – Imagine one of those companies being for total social good. Come on lets build one.

3. A federal government social innovation strategy to grow, nurture and scale up social enterprise

More about Luke:

Luke has been developing social enterprises in both the UK and Australia for more than a decade. His experience as an innovator in mental health and employment was recognised in 2014 when he was appointed to the QLD mental health commission advisory council.
Luke was a winner in the 2015 Social Enterprise Awards and recipient of the 2015 David Clarke Harvard Scholarship. He is a passionate advocate for unlocking employment growth and sustainable economic growth through the development of social enterprise and procurement.
See Luke at the Social Traders Masters Conference on June 7-8. Click here for conference program and ticket details.
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