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Three Things I’d Like to See – Jane Canaway, CoHealth

May 13, 2016

Last updated on June 14, 2018

Jane Canaway is the Executive Director of Clinical Services and Quality at CoHealth – a community health service that provides a wide range of services, groups and activities to those who are disadvantaged in the community.

Jane will share her extensive experience working in the health sector and her vision for the future of community services at Social Traders Masters Conference 2016.

Looking ahead at the conference theme, ‘Realising the Future of Social Enterprise’, Jane has also shared three things she’d like to see in the future:

1. More partnerships between traditional health sector not for profits and new social enterprise entrepreneurs with learning’s shared, making us more agile and able to thrive in changing economies.

2. Better understanding by the NFP health sector of how to change to create an efficient working business model and entrepreneurs to understand the impact that social inequity has on health to mobilise communities to reduce inequities and produce social benefit.

3. Improve our capacity to measure and quantify social benefit to encourage investment beyond traditional funding sources.

More about Jane:

Jane has extensive experience in the health sector, being a Registered Nurse with postgraduate qualifications in midwifery, health counselling and program evaluation.  She has worked in both acute settings and community health.  Jane has also worked in State Government in health policy and program administration.
Of her close to 20 years of management experience, she has spent the last 7 in the community health sector.  In her role at Western Region Health Centre she was part of the executive leading the organisation during its merge with two other CHCs to become cohealth. This process has created one of the largest community health centres in Victoria with 44 sites and over 800 employees.  Jane’s current roles sees her overseeing the seven Medical Clinics and three large public Dental Clinics operated by cohealth as well as the Quality portfolio.  This includes cohealth’s  only full fee paying private medical clinic, The Integrated Medical Centre in North Fitzroy, a social enterprise with all profit directed back to services for high need, marginalised groups.
See Luke at the Social Traders Masters Conference on June 7-8. Click here for conference program and ticket details.
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