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Three Things I’d Like to See – Anna McGregor, Pollinate Energy

May 27, 2016

Last updated on June 14, 2018

Anna McGregor is the Australian National Manager of Pollinate Energy, a social enterprise that provides safe and affordable solar energy to India’s vulnerable slum communities.

Anna will be sharing the story of Pollinate Energy and their plans to grow and scale their operations further across India at the Social Traders Masters Conference.

Ahead of the conference, looking at the theme of ‘Realising the Future of Social Enterprise’, Anna has also shared 3 things she’d like to see for Australia’s social enterprise sector.

1. That Social Entrepreneurship triggers a much-needed evolution in business. Where all business activity holds social, environmental, and financial priorities, and every team includes motivated Intrapreneurs willing to keep their workplaces accountable.

2. Where Entrepreneurs & Social Entrepreneurs are one and the same. That is, every Entrepreneur plans, operates, and grows with the inclusion of social priorities

3. More collaboration. All sectors – public, corporate and social – need to open up and work and evolve together.

More about Anna:

Anna holds a unique career working across the community development sector (including India, Vietnam, and Indigenous Australia), Government, and business.  She has an entrepreneurial spirit having started two of her own successful businesses, most recently, an ethical fashion clothing label, Sorella Organics.
With a core commitment and passion for harnessing business to deliver sustainable solutions to social problems, she joined Pollinate Energy in 2015 as Australian National Manager.  She is challenged with the task of developing new opportunities for the business, and supporting an ambitious plan to replicate the model further across India, including the roll-out of new life-changing products alongside their now infamous Solar Light.
See Anna at Social Traders Masters Conference 2016 on June 7-8. Click here for program and ticket details.
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