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The Pitch – Melbourne

August 25, 2015

Last updated on June 14, 2018

An overview of the 2015 Melbourne Crunch pitches:

CARE TWO DANCE is a new dance school in trendy Collingwood will employ highly skilled qualified dance teachers to offer a range of dance classes alongside a like skills course which offers subjects including personal confidence, peacekeeping, learning about difference and acceptance. The school will operate with a buy one give one model to fund international outreach programs through Cultural Infusion.

HEP READY is a new program for Hepatitis Victoria looking to raise awareness and tackle the stigma that surrounds viral hepatitis. Four Victorians die every week from viral hepatitis and transmission rates amongst young people are on the rise. Hep Ready is looking to offer training and accreditation programs to educate professionals on managing risk, encouraging testing and providing a supportive environment for hepatitis sufferers.

THE UGLY JUICE TRUCK is a new venture for SecondBite, looking to utilise perfectly good but odd looking fruit and veg to create juice, soup and other products at pop up-stall, festivals and markets across Australia. Two million Australians currently go hungry, while $8 billion worth of food is dumped and left to rot producing methane gas pollution. The Ugly Juice truck will not only divert fresh food from landfill but the profits will assist SecondBite in providing up to 2 million extra meals over the next five years.

COMPOST CYCLERS is looking to tackle food waste with a local waste collection service, powered by tricycles. Australian households are currently producing enough waste to fill 32 MCGS each year. Compost Cyclers service would provide a service to pick up food waste from households, businesses and cafes to turn into compost for use on community gardens.

INSPIRATIONERY is a range of environmentally friendly, designer stationery aiming to not only inspire the owner of the notebook but to help unleash the potential of girls around the world. Harnessing the $787 million Australians spend on stationery each year, Inspirationery aims to help fund education for girls around the world to help them move from poverty to possibility.

STORYPOD is a new initiative of Cultivating Community that looks to address the social isolation of the older generation. When surveyed, 78% of older people have said that they have advice they’d like to give young people, they just don’t have any line of communication to share their stories. StoryPod enables stories to be digitally captured to create a searchable repository, with a physical pod for events and festivals capturing HD video and a mobile app in development with Deakin University.

THE WORK WELL is connecting skilled professionals with projects needing their specialised help. 70% of professional want to volunteer for social enterprises, but social enterprises, particularly early stage enterprises, are generally underserviced with volunteers. The Work Well will help to match professionals and organisations with a new online platform, using technology to drive social change.

JIGSAW BUSINESS SOLUTIONS aims to provide employment, skill development and training to people with a disability. Currently 1.9 million Australians with a disability are not able to participate in the workforce, causing economic and social issues. Jigsaw Business Solutions aims to change the perception around disability and what people with a disability can achieve. Jigsaw aims to run their business nationally and has already established a disability hub in Sydney which manages five contracts for the digitisation of information, employing seven people with a disability.

THE MISFIT PROJECT is looking to provide a peer to peer support service, discussing issues important to young people in a non-confrontational way, using theatre and performance arts as a medium for communication. The MISFIT project offers a number of outlets to bring young people together with school programs, parties, costume hire and local theatre productions.

THE PEOPLE’S PRINT is working towards establishing an open-access screen-printing studio to create a community of artists, including people with a disability. When surveyed, 82% of screenprint artists currently have no ongoing access to screenprinting facilities and 90% of people with a disability feel they have no participation in the community. The People’s Print studio will offer community workshops and creative courses as well as providing a welcoming, open-access community space.

AMPLIFY is a new venture for Jesuit Social Services, providing the first Australian live music social enterprise providing performers for events as well as a space for young people to gather, create and belong. Amplify provides mentoring to young performers and has a stable of established musicians as ambassadors including Jesse Hooper and Clare Bowditch. So far they have already delivered 40 paid gigs with performances at corporate, private and community events and festivals with another 35 booked over the next 12 months. Profits from the performances support the Artful Dodgers Studios – a safe and creative landing place for young people to get back on track though arts and music mentorship.

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