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Social Traders profiles the social enterprise sector in ABC News

January 13, 2021

Last updated on January 13, 2021

Social Traders profiles the social enterprise sector in ABC News, calling on the Federal Government to prioritise social enterprise in the COVID-19 recovery

This week a story we’ve been working on with ABC News went to air. You can access the full story here as well as the ABC Radio feature here.

The Bread and Butter Project and #STCertified Ability Works Australia were featured alongside Social Traders, with a call for government to prioritise social enterprise in the economic recovery.

These are some of the messages we shared, that you might want to use in your own communications or advocacy.

What’s the role of social enterprise in the COVID recovery?

Australia’s social enterprise sector offers a ready-made and sustainable market solution to reducing the inevitable increase in long-term unemployment following COVID-19. Social enterprise has a proven and unique capacity to create jobs for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities along with a range of other community impacts.

What can state governments do to support social enterprise?

State governments can encourage their departments and agencies to buy from social enterprise. The Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland Governments are already leaders in encouraging the use of social enterprise suppliers and are members of Social Traders. The South Australian Government has also pledged support for social enterprise and has been an active buyer.

What can the Federal Government do to support social enterprise?

The Federal Government has the opportunity to have a major impact by following examples set by other states and by including social enterprise in their supply chains.

If just 1% of Australia’s $265 billion infrastructure pipeline was spent with social enterprise suppliers, it has the potential to create over 9,000 jobs for the most vulnerable people at risk of long-term unemployment over the next five years. The Australian procurement market is worth more than $600 billion per annum. We estimate that a shift of only 0.2% toward social enterprise, over the next 10 years, could create 26,000 jobs.

Social Traders ambition

Social Traders is here to support the social enterprise sector to grow, including building awareness of the sector and advocating to government. We believe that now is the time to rethink how we can all make a significant and positive impact on our economy and communities.

You can share the ABC News story from the Social Traders Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn posts.

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