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Social Traders and MAV Social Procurement Initiative

August 18, 2015

Last updated on June 14, 2018

Councils will now be able to access over 20 certified social enterprises to meet their procurement needs thanks to a joint initiative from the Municipality Association of Victoria (MAV) and Social Traders.

From today, all Victorian councils will have access to a panel of certified social enterprises, simplifying and streamlining the engagement process and enabling councils to request quotations from social enterprises across a range of categories through the MAV Procurement VendorPanel system.

”Local government buyers across Victoria have a great appetite to buy from social enterprises as a way of delivering more value to their communities. VendorPanel is the perfect platform because it already services all Victorian councils, enabling simplified and streamlined procurement processes across a wide range of categories,” says Cameron Spence, MAV’s Commercial Services Manager.

This social procurement initiative was developed to offer an effective way for councils to leverage the procurement process to support community outcomes, and in particular, help to create employment for marginalised groups.

“Government leadership is key in social procurement and this a great example of its seamless integration into the procurement processes. Social procurement offers benefits all round, leveraging a procurement budget to not only purchase a high quality product or service but also generating social outcomes for the community,” says Mark Daniels, Social Traders’ Head of Market and Sector Development.

The certified social enterprises on the panel provide a range of services including cleaning, facilities maintenance, catering, printing, recruitment and legal services. In turn, these social enterprises support a range of beneficiaries including people with disabilities, long term unemployed, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people with mental illness and the homeless.


All social enterprises on the panel are certified by Social Traders, a process which verifies that they exist for a social purpose, they earn the majority of their income through trade and they reinvest the majority of their profit in their social mission.

The panel is supported by Magnetized Markets, the creator of the VendorPanel system which was designed to simplify the procurement process for local councils and provide all businesses equitable access to council purchasing opportunities.

More information on social procurement:

For more information on social procurement for government buyers, please click here.

If you work in local government and you cannot find a social enterprise that you would like to use on the panel, please click here to contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are a social enterprise that would like to be a part of the certified social enterprise panel, please click here to register.


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