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Social Procurement in Action: AMP Capital & Jigsaw Business Solutions

March 6, 2018

Last updated on March 16, 2021

In 2017 AMP Capital contracted with Jigsaw to prepare and scan a large volume of documents at their Bridge St Sydney office.

Jigsaw are a social enterprise of Fighting Chance and provide digitisation services to business and government clients in order to increase workforce participation for people with disability.

We spent 5 minutes with Peter O’Halloran, Business Information Manager at AMP Capital to discuss AMP’s experience in electing to work with a social enterprise.

Can you briefly describe the contract and how this opportunity was identified as relevant for social enterprise?

At AMP Capital we needed a team of experienced document preparation and scanning staff to work on-site in our Bridge St Sydney office. We needed to quickly scan a potentially large volume of paperwork in 3 months. When we heard that Jigsaw had been scanning for local government and other corporates for a couple of years, and that their operating model was well suited to working on-site, it was an obvious choice.

How would you describe the impact that this engagement has had on AMP staff that have been involved?

Very uplifting experience. Working with the team from Jigsaw was always a positive working environment. The team were always keen and enthusiastic. This had a positive effect for all AMP Capital staff who worked with them.

What’s your experience in relation to their performance in delivering the services compared with your expectations?

Outstanding. The quality of the work was better than that of other similar providers that I have worked with. The operating model allowed for the flexibility of not knowing beforehand exactly what was to be scanned.  My personal expectations were exceeded despite expecting great results.

How would you describe the impact that this engagement has had on the social enterprise and its beneficiaries?

Jigsaw were able to directly employ around 20 people with a disability as a result of the AMP Capital contract, thus helping 20 individuals gain valuable work experience.  Three of the staff at Jigsaw have now been able to gain further employment in other commercial and government agencies subsequent to working on the AMP Capital contract.

What would you say to your colleagues that could potentially buy from a social enterprise, as to the benefit it can deliver?

There are multiple benefits to engaging social enterprises:

  1. Provides meaningful work to people who may otherwise not be able to gain employment
  2. Gives work experience and helps to prove their capabilities
  3. Helps your organisation understand people and how to adapt work conditions to be more effective for everyone
  4. Provides an additional benefit to staff as they feel that they have made a difference to someone’s life

Below: Meet Conor, one of the 20 individuals employed by Jigsaw as part of their partnership with AMP Capital.

Note: AMP is a Social Traders buyer member and Jigsaw is a Social Traders certified social enterprise. 

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