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October 16, 2018

Jigsaw, AMP & Coca Cola Amatil

Jigsaw is a document and data management company who assist their clients to turn paperless. Through that work they revolutionise the way people with disability receive job training, employment opportunities and the ability to transition into mainstream employment. Their social mission is attached to the commercial activity – they focus on business and winning contracts. Every time they have a new contract it creates employment opportunities and enables growth.

Through their relationship with Social Traders as a buyer member, AMP were testing different opportunity areas. In 2017 AMP Capital contracted with Jigsaw to prepare and scan a large volume of documents at their Bridge St Sydney office. Jigsaw were able to directly employ around 20 people with a disability as a result of the AMP contract, thus helping 20 individuals gain valuable work experience.

Senior Workplace Sustainability Manager of AMP, Tom Treffry says “What won it over for Jigsaw was the quality of the work they do. Having Jigsaw on-site exposed AMP staff to what a social enterprise is and what a social enterprise does. I think the main challenge is breaking down that initial held belief that social enterprises are charities. They’re competitive businesses, we just need to give them the opportunity and a seat at the table.”

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