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September 13, 2018

TRY Australia, John Holland Group & Boral

TRY Australia is one of Australia’s oldest social enterprises. They work with disadvantaged young people to provide them with opportunities to transform their lives through the dignity of work. TRY Australia deliver access to early learning, mentoring for the vulnerable and those at-risk, and training and employment opportunities for those wanting to try, but have not had the chance. TRY have developed a group of allied social enterprises including TRY Build and Uncontained. Uncontained converts shipping containers into site sheds and utilities blocks.

TRY Australia’s CEO, Julia Cambage says that the relationship with Social Traders has “allowed us to access clients and buyers that we would never have thought imaginable.”

A meeting with Social Traders resulted in TRY Australia working with John Holland to build site sheds on major construction projects. Increasingly, John Holland’s clients have been pushing the need to get in to social outcomes as well as commercial outcomes. The success of this initial deal has led to other projects with buyers such as Boral.

“We already see organisations shifting the way they actually want to engage with organisations that are outside their normal supplier channels, embracing organisations like ours and looking at projects that they can do with us that will enable the vulnerable to actually be entering the workforce.” Julia Cambage – CEO, Try Australia.

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