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Social Entrepreneurs: Where Do You Get Your Information?

January 28, 2013

Call For Nominations: The Most Frequented Online Sources for Social Entrepreneurs

This blog is created as a practical inquiry into the knowledge sharing roles of support centers for social entrepreneurship. The goal of the inquiry is to gauge the current state of knowledge sharing in the field, how knowledge sharing relates to stated goals and missions of support organizations and to what extent they contribute to the field building.

The social entrepreneurs are invited to nominate their top-five online-sources that assist you plan, launch, manage, and grow successful social enterprises or develop a deeper understanding of the issue areas where social entrepreneurs operate.

The nominated sources will be analyzed and the available learning materials will be classified along theme, format, type, sectors, language, target audience, purpose and perspectives on the phenomenon. The study will put forward which topics are addressed more often and in which areas critical information gaps still remain. Finally, the study will provide information about the ways in which support organizations for social entrepreneurs can leverage social change through knowledge sharing.

In order to respond this call please;

  • tell which sites you frequent to learn about facts and figures, insights, guidance, case studies, best practices, templates or theoretical explanations in the area of social entrepreneurship (they can be blogs, university-support center websites, discussion forums, traditional media outlets’ social entrepreneurship sections, or anything else you find especially useful)
  • include your nominations in the comment section below or send an email by February 8, 2013. You can also tweet your nomination @filantropi-tr.
  • include a brief explanation as to why the site should be included on the list of most frequented online sources for social entrepreneurs and your experience in social entrepreneurship.

For further details visit or email S.Sevda Kilicalp at
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