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Social Enterprise Research in Yarra Ranges

March 18, 2013

Looking for social enterprises in and nearby Yarra rRanges to complete a short survey to inform how council can support social enterprises.

Yarra Ranges Shire Council is currently mapping social enterprises in the area. These unique organizations sell products and services in a range of industries for the sole purpose of delivering social or environmental benefits to communities. The key elements are that they have an explicit social, cultural, environmental mission; they achieve this mission through the sale of goods and services (not grant funding from government) or through profits generated through this activity; they utilize the majority of profits to fulfil their mission.

Social enterprises can take many forms. Some examples include:

  • Community childcare co-operatives
  • Cooperative or community banks
  • Some arts organisations
  • Environmental groups that generate incomes through sales
  • Businesses developed to employ people with disabilities or other forms of disadvantage
  • Charitable op shops such as the Salvos Stores

If you think you are a social enterprise and you operate in Yarra Ranges Shire or a neighboring areas (City of Maroondah and City of Knox), we would like you to complete this 15-minute survey. This research will inform the way in which Yarra Ranges Shire Council can support and procure from social enterprises. Survey closes Friday, April 5.

Survey Link

If you know of any social enterprises or if you have a question, please contact Mindy Leow ( or 03 8319 8451) with as much of the following information that you are able to provide.

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