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Social Enterprise Awards 2014 – Finalists

The Social Enterprise Awards received 87 applications across the six categories. Each category was assessed by a unique panel of sector experts to form the shortlist of finalists.

The Award winners will be announced at a presentation event on Thursday 12 June.  The Awards judging panel will select a winner from each of the six categories from a short list of 23.

Congratulations to all shortlisted finalists. The 2014 Social Enterprise Awards short list is:


  • SEED PPM employs previously long-term unemployed people in North Brisbane to deliver commercial landscape maintenance, residential gardening and commercial cleaning services. (QLD)
  • Salvos Legal Limited and Salvos Legal (Humanitarian) Limited Salvos Legal is wholly owned by The Salvation Army and delivers property and commercial transactional law services for profit. All proceeds are directed into the Salvos Legal Humanitarian which provides free a legal service for the disadvantaged and marginalised throughout New South Wales and Queensland. (NSW)
  • Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative create meaningful and sustainable long-term employment opportunities for its members, largely made up of people with an intellectual disability, through their Espresso Train Café and the NCEC Parks and Maintenance Crew. (QLD)
  • Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd generates fair trade opportunities for rural communities in the Solomon Islands and the surrounding area in a two-step process. Firstly they export equipment developed to extract Virgin Coconut Oil, and then import and sell the coconut oil. (NSW)
  • The Abbotsford Convent Foundation manages the Abbotsford Convent to create an exemplary arts, cultural and learning space that encourages collaboration and social interaction at all levels. The Foundation owns the title to the 6.8 ha of land that the Convent sits on and manages the precinct. (VIC)


  • Clean Force Property Services is a commercial contract cleaning service providing employment for people from disadvantaged backgrounds including those with disability and mental illness. The social enterprise is a subsidiary of WISE Employment Ltd. (VIC)
  • Softlanding Mattress Recycling (a subsidiary of Mission Australia) employs people often excluded from the open labour market into entry-level positions to recover and recycle mattress parts. The business also redirects a considerable amount of waste away from landfill. (NSW)
  • The Work Group operates a number of commercial businesses that employ disadvantaged job-seekers as well as generating surpluses that fund specialised programs aimed at breaking the generational cycles of high disadvantage and welfare dependency.  (VIC)
  • The Smith Family Recycling Operation is a Charity Clothing reuse organisation, focusing on sustainable scalability to increase financial return to The Smith Family. Profits raised from operation delivers support for over 200,000 disadvantaged Australians. (NSW)


  • Ability Enterprises Ltd was established in 2011 by local community members to provide people with disabilities employment opportunities through the management of gatehouses at 13 waste facilities throughout the Toowoomba Regional Council area. (QLD)
  • The Bread & Butter Project (TBBP) is a wholesale, artisan bakery established in 2013 that provides training and employment pathways for refugees and asylum seekers. (NSW)
  • Good Goods (also known as Who Gives a Crap) sell eco-friendly, 100% recycled toilet paper online, direct to the public and through a small number of third party retailers.  50% of profits earned are directed to WaterAid, an organisation that builds toilets and improves sanitation in the developing world. (VIC)
  • Good Cycles is a non-profit social enterprise that trains and employs people experiencing long-term unemployment and disadvantage to repair and maintain bicycles for commuters in Melbourne’s CBD. (VIC)
  • The 40K Group delivers training programs to Australian students and corporate organisations to operate more socially minded businesses. Profits from these programs are invested into delivery of education in India. (NSW)

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  • The Integrated Medical Clinic, investment by Social Ventures Australia and Social Traders. (VIC)
    The Integrated Medical Clinic (TIMC) 
    is a General Practice and allied health medical clinic owned by North Yarra Community Health (NYCH), a large not-for-profit community health centre based in Collingwood, Victoria. TIMC’s profits will be used to subsidise free and below-cost community health services offered by NYCH.
  • Inside the Brick, investment by Social Ventures Australia. (VIC)
    Inside the Brick is a start-up social enterprise that promotes the benefits of construction play for children impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).They run unique play sessions for mainstream and ASD children – filling a major gap in services available to ASD children and their parents.
  • Who Gives a Crap, investment by crowdfunding and an undisclosed individual investor. (VIC)
    Who Gives A Crap sells environmentally friendly toilet paper and directs profits to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

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  • Ability Enterprises Ltd was established in 2011 by local community members to provide people with disabilities employment opportunities by supplying operators at the Gatehouses at 13 Waste Facilities throughout the Toowoomba Regional Council area. (QLD)
  • Pollinate Energy Ltd trains and employs local sales people in India to sell fuel-efficient cooking stoves and solar lanterns in India’s urban regions. In addition to employment and awareness creation, this process also reduces environmental pollution. (VIC)
  • SORT Recycling supplies computers to people in need. The recycling enterprise collects previously unwanted computers from the community, professionally refurbishes them, and through this process provides training and employment opportunities to those with mental health issues through a range of enterprises. (QLD)
  • Thankyou Group (formerly Thankyou Water) was created to fund water, food, health and hygiene projects in developing nations. The Group derive their profits from the sale of bottled water, food and body care products in a range of retailers across Australia. (VIC)

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  • The City of Gold Coast has developed a procurement strategy and implemented new processes to directly deliver social outcomes to their community. The ‘social benefits provider procurement’ and ‘buy-local’ procurement strategies harness the purchasing power of the Council to create hundreds of jobs in the Gold Coast area. (QLD)
  • The South Australian Government Department for Communities and Social Inclusion is working to improve the buying environment to enable increased expenditure with Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs), Aboriginal Business Enterprises (ABEs) and socially responsible organisations. DCSI has a variety of initiatives to support vulnerable people and help build resilient communities. (SA)