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Refugee & Migrant Talent – Unlocking Refugee Potential

March 1, 2020

Last updated on October 22, 2020

Certified social enterprise Refugee & Migrant Talent (RMT) has teamed up with the Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) to create an innovative digital employment platform designed to match skilled migrants with jobs.

The platform – called “Training for the Future Talent Platform” – has the potential to create hundreds of jobs and has been designed to address a skills shortfall in the booming rail infrastructure sector.

At the same time, it will assist RMT address its own ongoing challenge – finding work for a growing number of skilled refugees and newly arrived migrants, giving them the opportunity to meet key recruiters across the rail and construction industries and highlight existing roles.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RMT, Anna Robson, said the “Training for the Future” program provided RMT with the opportunity to re-skill migrants and refugees with relevant experience from industries in decline, such as the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

“Program participants will learn about the breadth of opportunities available across the rail and public transport industry including rolling stock manufacturing, plant maintenance and operations,” said Anna.

“Across Australia there is about $58 billion worth of infrastructure works underway or in the pipeline, and a large chunk of that is for transport and rail projects.

“The employment opportunities are therefore significant and so we needed a platform that would make identifying those roles and matching them with our talent a lot more streamlined.

“We know that skills are rarely the problem for newly arrived migrants – it’s the networks and connections that are missing and that’s the gap we are trying to fill here,” said Anna.

Luke Futcher – Daniels, Manager of Inclusion & Social Procurement at LXRP said the opportunity to work with The Victorian Government came about through a Social Traders networking event.

“Being a certified social enterprise is one of the key factors that play into LXRP assessing a social enterprise as a possible partner, it is written into our contractual responsibilities and something that we are really passionate about,” Luke said.

“We attend networking events regularly and met RMT at a conference held by Social Traders. We were excited by their specialist expertise and capability that fit our needs.

“Since collaborating with RMT Technology on development, implementation and user training, we have found them to be helpful at every step of the way and couldn’t be happier with our partnership.

“We are looking for ways to engage them in the future now since we have created such a great working relationship.

Of the 352 participants who have participated in “Training for the Future” program, 103 have landed ongoing employment.

“Without attending the Social Traders conferences and networking events we wouldn’t have met some of our key business relationships, like the LXRP team, and the certification program means that we’re already several steps ahead when we talk to new clients,” said Anna.

“They know that we have been independently verified and we know that clients coming to us have been referred to us for a legitimate reason.”


RMT is a leading national software solutions provider and social enterprise.

At RMT Technology we understand the power of technology to form new connections, nurture diverse talent partnerships with support organisations, and provide a pipeline of talent to meet critical skill needs. We also understand that in doing this we are of service to all stakeholders providing a richer internal culture that reflects the broader community in which we live.

Our technology solutions and consulting services provide a multi-dimensional proactive approach to engaging and linking up new diverse sources of talent and supplier networks with opportunities. Providing the capability for data driven decision making is at the core of what we do with a belief that there is no settlement without employment and the broader opportunity for economic and social participation.

The Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) was established by the Victorian Government to oversee one of the largest rail infrastructure projects in the state’s history. LXRP is part of the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and our projects fall under Victoria’s Big Build.

LXRP was the first Victorian government organisation to adopt a Social Procurement Policy, promoting the use of social benefit suppliers alongside the government strategy. Its purpose is to ensure we not only procure goods and services efficiently but generate positive social outcomes while we do so.

In 2019, LXRP developed ‘social procurement in practice’, a practical resource to help Victoria’s transport and infrastructure industry increase social procurement, meet requirements and operate in line with Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework.

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