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Meet the SEWF 2017 Australian Bursary Fund Recipients

September 5, 2017

Last updated on March 7, 2018

Meet the 63 Australian social enterprises selected to receive an Australian Bursary Fund to support them to attend and participate at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017.

Hosted in Christchurch New Zealand between the 27-29 September, the annual international Social Enterprise World Forum invites the best and brightest social enterprises from around the world to come together, share wisdom, build networks and discuss how to create a more socially inclusive future.

100 Story Building (VIC) Our mission is to provide opportunities for the most marginalised children and young people in our community to build the literacy skills, confidence and sense of belonging that are fundamental to future success.
annecto Speakers Bank (VIC) annecto Speakers Bank is comprised of public speakers with personal experience of disability and ageing. All Speakers Bank speakers are trained in public speaking and are eager to share with the community the story of their lives, their experiences and their challenges.  Speakers present a positive image to the community providing information about the challenges older people and people with disability face in their daily lives.
Australasia Nutrition (WA) Australasia Nutrition donates 1kg of fortified full cream milk powder to hungry students for every 1kg of health and fitness supplements sold. Furthermore one T-Shirt provides breakfast for one hungry student for half a year, and one Hoodie provides breakfast for one hungry student for one whole year.
Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (VIC) The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship is a for-purpose organisation that exists to build thriving rural communities through igniting entrepreneurship in young people and their communities.
batyr (NSW) batyr is a for purpose organisation that focuses on preventative education in the area of youth mental health. Our mission is to deliver innovative peer-to-peer programs that engage, educate and empower young people. batyr’s programs focus on addressing issues that impact the mental health of young people, and promote resilience and help seeking behaviour.
Befriend (WA) Befriend is a Perth-based non profit social enterprise with a vision of an inclusive, connected world. A world in which all people are embraced as valued members of society, occupying valued roles in community spaces, connected to others through natural, meaningful relationships, and truly belonging.
Catalysr (NSW) Our mission is to create 20,000 jobs for refugees and migrants facing barriers to employment, in the next 10 years.  There are over 500,000 newcomers to Australia who arrive with skills and experience, but find themselves unemployed or underemployed.  Catalysr supports these individuals to better utilise their skills by helping them build their own business. Our work aids to help our new Australians to fulfil their potential, create their own jobs and foster integration.
CERES (VIC)  CERES is a place for community-based learning and action to create environmentally beneficial, socially just, economically satisfying, culturally enriching and spiritually nurturing ways of living together.
Through social enterprises, education and employment, we enable people to build awareness of current local and global issues and join in the movement for economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Cherished Pets (VIC) Cherished Pets is a community based veterinary and home based pet care service with a social mission to support companion pets of vulnerable people, specifically elderly and disabled people living independently at home, and people suffering mental illness. This is because of the evidence based links to human health and wellbeing that supported companion pets ownership provides. We keep pets healthy and well so people can enjoy the benefits and we take the worry away for them.
Clickability (VIC) Clickability is a rate-and-review platform for the disability support sector, specifically to underpin the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our mission is to help people with disability and their families to feel empowered as customers, to realise their consumer rights and responsibilities, and to make choices which support their capacity to participate economically and socially. We use the data we collect to support the development of a consumer-centred disability industry.
CoDesign Studio (VIC) Almost 90% of Australians live in cities, but we’re becoming more disconnected and lonely as our cities grow. CoDesign Studio exists to change this through our social mission to create thriving, resilient neighbourhoods, for everyone. We do this providing expert services to property developers and councils, enabling them to create places that build social connection and restore vitality and value to local neighbourhoods.
Community Recycling Network Australia (TAS) The Community Recycling Network of Australia is a membership-driven national peak body for social enterprises working in waste management. Our mission is to build a stronger community reuse, repair and circular economy sector that creates social, environmental and economic benefits. We achieve this by supporting and facilitating the recovery of resources, improving access to the re-use economy, and supporting the provision of local jobs and training for people facing barriers to employment.
Digital Storytellers (NSW) Digital Storytellers is a purpose-driven film-making agency. We craft impactful stories with positive narratives to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to help create a better narrative for the world, through telling stories that matter, and sharing our knowledge and resources to empower a wider community of storytellers. Let’s change the world together, using the power of storytelling.
Eidos (QLD) Eidos is changing the way problems are solved. Instead of waiting for solutions to come to us, we create space for solutions to Australia’s most important problems to emerge.  We look for economic or social gaps which are yet to benefit from the power of creative problem-solving. Eidos is a network of foundations and philanthropic partners dedicated to developing ideas through collaboration to improve economic and social outcomes. It works by applying shared intelligence to challenge
Endeavour Foundation (QLD) Endeavour Foundation is dedicated to helping people with a disability live fulfilling lives, working together to turn possibilities into reality for each individual. We believe in ability and understand that everyone is different, working to make the most of individual skills and interests. We are a diverse community organisation with a goal of ensuring that we are here for you – both now and in the future – committed to achieving more together.
FRUIT2WORK (VIC) F2W exists to create a practical & flexible employment pathway for ex-offenders who deserve a 2nd chance & therefore contributing to the reduction in recidivism & its social cost. We do this by running a pick , pack , load & fruit distribution business manned by ex-offenders .
By doing this we are helping deal with the stigma of offence , whilst operating in a way that allows them the flexibility to deal with any release conditions & filling the gap in their resume with tangible work.
The Good Beer Co (QLD) The Good Beer Co makes it easy for companies, organisations and consumers to support good causes  by stocking, supporting and drinking beer.  At a time when not for profits struggle to raise profile and funds, companies and organisations want to demonstrate values and impact through more effective and innovative approaches to charitable giving and consumers want to know where products and services come from, The Good Beer Co has pioneered a really simple solution – a good beer that gives back.
Good Cycles (VIC) Good Cycles’ mission is to provide new opportunities and broader horizons to those experiencing significant disadvantage. We do by using bikes to engage, educate, empower and find employment for those in need.
Over the past year our focus has been on the development of an effective transitional labour market model taking at-risk youth and long-term unemployed through our social and vocational programs, internships within our commercial enterprises, and into employment placement.
Good360 Australia (NSW) Good360 is a way for businesses to donate brand new unsold goods to charities to help Australians in need. Our goal is to distribute $1billion of goods to Australia’s most vulnerable. We will do this by providing business with an easy way to connect brand new goods to charities to help people who need them most and charities with a one-stop website to access new non-perishable goods from some of Australia’s biggest brands, retailers and manufacturers
Green Collect (VIC) Green Collect creates new employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged job-seekers and refugees in Melbourne. We deliver specialised recycling services to business as a way of generating durable and meaningful work. The delivery of these services generates hands-on, relevant work that enables job seekers to gain employment in the growing sustainability and warehousing sectors. Our mission is to build inclusive workplaces that create economic and personal empowerment and social change.
Green World Revolution (WA) Green World Revolution (GWR) is a not-for-profit environmental social enterprise, growing jobs for long-term unemployed Australians with urban farming enterprises. We provide pathways to sustainable livelihoods for people who are suffering from long-term unemployment, so they can be relieved from poverty that comes from a reliance on social security payments.
Hatched (QLD) Hatched transforms business for good.   We help startups, scaleups and bigger businesses to either design or transform their business so has an impact in accordance with their mission.  This involves aligning all business activities with purpose, and most importantly integrating the good they do, not as something on the side but as something critical to their business success.   We seek to create sustainable businesses that have an impact in the world.
Humanitix (NSW) Traditionally, philanthropy in Australia has battled a perception of being limited to those of high net-worth in society. Humanitix opens up philanthropy to all. Anyone attending an event, and buying a normal ticket is able to create a tangible donation to charity at no extra cost. This is the power of Humanitix – using technology to turn everyday expenses into a tangible outcomes for health, environment, education and indigenous causes!
Humankind Enterprises (VIC) The social impact of StoryPod is specifically aimed at reducing the social isolation faced by older Australians, facilitating more meaningful connections between youth and elders and ensuring that Australian stories are not lost. In 2056, 1 in 4 people will be over 65 and it is crucial that we find better ways of valuing and including them. Human connection lies at the heart of human well-being. We believe in a Future of Belonging where everyone feels valued and connected.
Inspirationery (WA) Inspirationery is an eco-friendly stationery label that aims to harness the power of its entire business model to empower women and girls. We do this in a number of ways which includes but is not limited to: donating 50% of profits to breaking down the barriers to girls’ education, collaborating with and showcasing the talents of female artists from around Australia and using our established platforms to champion the rights of girls globally.
Kinfolk Enterprise (VIC) Kinfolk’s mission is to provide relief, support and opportunities for people disadvantaged in the labour markets.  Hospitality is the vehicle for achieving Kinfolk’s mission, operating a cafe, catering and events business.  Social outcomes are achieved through both the donation of profits to inclusion based charities and the operation of an inclusive volunteer program that provides training and capacity building opportunities for up to 40 people experiencing employment challenges each week.
Laika Academy (VIC) Laika Academy is an Australian social enterprise redesigning higher education. We work in partnership with universities to develop and deliver innovative overseas educational programs for social impact. The organisation educates and connects students to important global issues; to increase the number of students undertaking international education and mobility programs; and to provide tangible connections between technical knowledge and their application to create positive social change.
Life Interwoven (NSW) Life Interwoven is a “For Purpose” Social Enterprise established to assist disadvantaged communities. Our social mission is to; support and promote traditional artisan craft techniques from around South & South East Asia and to use any profits to assist the education of disadvantaged children and
youth in developing countries. We achieve this by partnering with artisans to create, market and sell unique products following the principles of fair trade and sustainable production.
Little Delish (QLD) We believe that empowering girls and women with an education and a sense of purpose is one of the most powerful ways that we can change the world. We do this by donating 50% of profits to One Girl, an Australian charity funding education projects for girls and women in Sierra Leone and Uganda. We are committed to supporting girls and women as they continue their education, start their own businesses and contribute to their communities in creative, amazing ways.
One Vision Productions (NSW) OneVisionProductions (OVP) is a non profit organisation based as a music school in Byron Bay. Our hip hop music, dance and film production workshops provide an innovative educational opportunity and a means of social connection for marginalised youth. Through collaborative programming with schools and other community-based organisations, we provide educational, social, mentoring and music opportunities to enhance the academic performance, community connections and career options of young people.
Melbourne Farmers Markets (VIC) Melbourne Farmers’ Markets (MFM) connect urban communities with Victorian farmers and producers.
MFM is dedicated to supporting regional farm-based businesses to find a public marketplace that enables producers to sell direct to their customers. We work closely with over 300 small businesses from across Victoria through our seven existing accredited farmers’ markets which range from monthly to weekly in frequency.
MET Designs Ltd (VIC) MET is dedicated to raising literacy standards in Australia to ensure that all kids get the best start in life.
Being able to read and write is fundamental to education, employment, and full participation in society. That’s why we invest 100% of profits in innovative programs run by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, which adopts a “whole of community” approach and has a proven track record of solving this complex social problem in Australia’s most marginalised communities.
Monochrome Coffee Co. (VIC) Monochrome Coffee Co. was born and operates to forward the work of Monochrome International, its associated NFP. It also exists to transform the commercial landscape in Australia and have success in business measured other than by shareholder profit. We are committed that business is used as a force for good. Monochrome International exists to empower and enable youth in East Africa to be leaders in their communities and live extraordinary lives – to produce future community leaders.
Palmera (NSW) Palmera is a service-based social business with a mission to help create a world where no one is left out. Many of the poorest live in rural areas and run their own small businesses. We work by providing a bundle of services which helps support these entrepreneurs so their businesses can thrive. We work through a model that we designed called Village2Markets. We developed this through the lean startup methodology with the entrepreneurs we serve in vulnerable war affected regions.
Parliament on King (NSW) We provide social enterprise catering, employing and training asylum seekers and refugees. We’re here to address the social, cultural an economic barriers faced by asylum seekers and refugees to full participation in the new homeland. Everything we do is about creating meaningful social connections between asylum seekers, refugees, recent arrivals to Australia and the local community that, in turn, address social isolation discrimination, social and economic disadvantage.
PeopleWorx (VIC) PeopleWorx mission is to provide proven and sustainable models for helping unemployed become connected enabling them to get a job, return to study or become a volunteer. Participants from diverse backgrounds that have barriers to employment will be supported with training, work experience, professional and personal support by a team of trained volunteers and professional staff. This support will be carried out in our real businesses including our op shops and warehouse.
Pollinate Energy (VIC) Pollinate Energy brings life-changing products to people who need them most – from solar powered lights to improved cook stoves to water filters. For India’s poor, we are the missing link in the chain, allowing them to access, understand, and afford household products that make daily life better and safer. We do all this whilst creating jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them the tools to generate a sustainable income and a valuable role in supporting their local community
PROJECT ROCKIT (VIC) We believe in a world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice and all young people are free to realise their potential. Bullying robs young people of their potential, it stunts their growth and extinguishes opportunity. To counter this and to help young people realise their potential, PROJECT ROCKIT empowers young people to stand up and lead change – in school, online and beyond.
Share The Dignity Limited (QLD) Our purpose is to supply sanitary items to homeless women nationally.  Our ‘It’s in the Bag’ campaign donates handbags filled with toiletries/sanitary items to homeless women. We know that with this campaign we have found a unique way to connect caring strangers with women in need, through the simple gift of a handbag. As a result, we created a range of handbags of our own to be purchased by individuals, or as a gift to be donated, with all proceeds being used to fund the stocking of our DVM’s.
Social Impact Hub (NSW) The Social Impact Hub exists to educate and empower a courageous community of change. Our vision is a thriving purpose-driven sector creating systemic change. We bring university students together with industry, NFPs, and social enterprises on impact projects – building the pipeline of next generation social change agents while providing NFPs and social enterprises access to high quality services. We also spearhead thought leadership projects where we identify a catalytic opportunity.
Soft Landing Mattress Recycling (WA) The social mission of Soft Landing Mattress Recycling is to provide individuals experiencing disadvantage with the means to create their own social and economic livelihoods. This is achieved through the collection, deconstruction and recycling of end-of-life mattresses, which is a process with many opportunities for training and skills development. The enterprise is able to employ people that would experience barriers to the open labour market, giving them a platform to grow and prosper.
Solar Sign Solutions (QLD) Solar Sign Solutions provides low-cost solar-powered road warning systems to local governments, helping reduce the risk of fatalities on flooded roads.  Solar Sign Solutions provides employment to a wide range of people within the community and utilises recycled e-waste in the manufacturing of the signs, thus diverting e-waste from landfill and cutting the environmental impact of production.
Songbird Collection (VIC) Our aim is to connect small-scale ethical and fair trade crafts producers to the Australian market, helping support, sustain and grow their crafts-based activities.
We support producers who are socially, culturally and geographically marginalised and disadvantaged. We work together with producers to create ranges that connect and resonate with Australian consumers, whilst maintaining a connection to their own stories through the use of local craft practices and locally sourced materials.
Spacecubed Innovation (WA) Spacecubed is a Social Enterprise, designed to support 20,000 Startups, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Innovators by 2025. Our Perth CBD co-working, shared office and collaborative spaces, entrepreneurial hubs, programmes and events move people from ideas to action seamlessly. Spacecubed helps the community in tackling some of the big social, environmental and economic challenges of our time and works on long term systemic changes to build a robust startup ecosystem.
StartSomeGood (NSW) StartSomeGood works to increase innovation and community leadership in social impact. We connect disconnected parts of the impact marketplace, helping institutional partners find innovative projects and project creators to gain access to sympathetic capital. We run a crowdfunding platform exclusively for community-benefit projects at, and we work with government, foundation and business partners to better catalyse & support innovation for the causes they care about.
Substation33 (QLD) Substation33 is an electronic waste recycling facility and a social enterprise of YFS Ltd. At the core of Substation33 are their people. Substation33 offers people marginalized from mainstream employment pathways the opportunity to experience workplace culture and expectations in a calm supportive environment. Add to this the more than 500,000 kilograms of diverted from landfill and recycled.
The Big Issue (VIC) The Big Issue provides opportunities for people from a range of backgrounds with the opportunity to earn an income and build their confidence and capacity to help themselves.  This is done through the following social enterprises and programs – The Big Issue magazine, the Women’s Subscriptions Enterprise, The Big Issue Classroom, The Big Idea, and the Community Street Soccer Program.
The People’s Fabric (VIC) In partnership with a not-for-profit organisation and a women’s weaving cooperative, The People’s Fabric (TPF) ethically source handwoven textiles through initiatives that economically empower indigenous artisan women in Indonesia, whilst culturally preserving traditional practices. Our partners deliver programs that recognise the intersection of economics, people, culture and our environment, and TPF create avenues to an international market, contributing to their financial sustainability.
The Social Outfit (NSW) The Social Outfit is an independently accredited ethical trading social enterprise providing employment and training opportunities in the fashion industry to people from refugee and new migrant communities in clothing production, retail, design and marketing. We believe our creative work leads to empowerment and social inclusion. We make and sell quality products that help to financially empower people, and that provide customers with unique pieces that tell amazing human stories.
Goodcompany (VIC) Designed to enable staff to give their time, talent or treasure, GoodCompany is a workplace giving and volunteering rewards platform. As companies increasingly value the social and economic benefits of community engagement, they increasingly need help to build the relationships and tools to facilitate it. GoodCompany is Australia’s first SaaS platform connecting staff to a community of over 1500 charities. GoodCompany recently launched in New Zealand and intends to expand globally.
Thread Harvest (NSW) To lead a revolutionary change for people and planet through ethical and sustainable fashion.
Vanguard Laundry Services (QLD) “Washing away mental health employment barriers:
Vanguard Laundry employs those that have been long term unemployed with lived experiences of mental illness. Through employment, we aim to restore confidence, independence and to reduce dependency on the public social justice, welfare and health systems. We run a Career Development Centre that engages local community members and organisations to facilitate professional development programs to assist the staff in their career progression.
Welcome Studio (NSW) Welcome Studio is a social enterprise that uses art to support and welcome refugees in Australia. We sell fine art prints and use all profits to run community art projects and workshops, provide emloyment for refugees and financially contribute to a asylum seeker support centre. We don’t get caught up in politics, but instead focus on working with the community to spread a positive message of welcome towards refugees through art.
Wellthy Pty Ltd (QLD) Wellthy is a social enterprise addressing the ‘money gender gap’.  Women score less favourably than men on most economic and financial literacy measures which can affect their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our mission is to build women’s financial capability and life skills around money so they can lead happier, healthier and wealthier lives.  In addition to offering scholarships to our financial education programs, we run programs in partnership with nonprofit organisations.
Wicked Lab (SA) Wicked Lab’s social mission is to assist communities and governments to effectively address complex (wicked) problems.  These problems have multiple intertwined causal factors and need to be addressed through a systemic and adaptive approach.   Wicked Lab takes such an approach: it assists communities and governments to address wicked problems by using its Online Tool for Systemic Change, by participating in its project based Complex Systems Leadership Program and by disseminating its research.
Windsor Group (QLD) The social mission of Windsor Group is to build capacity of both individuals and organisations by promoting skill development and knowledge sharing across NFP, commercial & government industries. Windsor is committed to supporting ‘business with a conscience’. This support has evolved into an extensive social enterprise program including professional development opportunities, networking & peer group forums, educational bursaries, monthly charity promotion, event sponsorship and direct donations
Woodend Neighbourhood House (VIC) Woodend Neighbourhood House fosters connections and relationships in the community so people know they have somewhere to turn when they need help. We create; a sense of community, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. Woodend Neighbourhood Houses is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 1984 as a community response to the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires.  It operates under the principles of community development where participation is prioritised.
Words With Heart (QLD) Words With Heart is a sustainable print and stationery social enterprise that funds education projects for women and girls in the developing world. Our mission is to change the way people and businesses do stationery – providing products at the same cost and the same quality as they would expect, but with a measureable social and environmental impact. Our vision is to fund 1 million days of education for women and girls in the developing worls by 2020.
World Wellness Group (QLD) Our mission is delivering, modelling and influencing health and wellness services to create an inclusive and just health system. We run the World Wellness Community Clinic as a social enterprise health clinic to provide free or low cost primary health care combining the best of conventional and traditional medicine. We measure our success not by profit but by the number of people we have served and by our impact in creating a just and inclusive health system.
Y Vote (NSW) Y Vote is a non-partisan organisation that exists to strengthen democracy by increasing youth political engagement & participation in voting, policymaking and other democratic processes. Initially, Y Vote focussed on increasing youth voter participation in the 2016 federal election. Now, Y Vote is working to achieve this mission by equipping and inspiring young people to make their voice heard through democratic processes.
Yourtown (QLD) yourtown Social Enterprises aim to tackle long-term youth unemployment and disadvantage. Our Enterprises create paid employment and training opportunities for young people experiencing significant disadvantage, as a ‘stepping stone’ to open employment. We deliver fee-for-service work for government (local, state, federal and Head Contractors), NFPs and corporate sector customers in building maintenance, construction, landscaping, parks maintenance, litter collection and graffiti removal.
Youth Without Borders (QLD) YWB is a platform that enables young people, from all backgrounds, to create the change they want to see in the world. We provide auspicing services to break down barriers to young people starting a social enterprise, and provide guidance and governance that enables them to succeed. We target young people from low-socio-economic, rural or refugee backgrounds because we believe those groups have a massive potential to lead social enterprise in Australia.
Youthworx (VIC) To use creative and commercial media to develop the capacity of highly marginalized and homeless young people to transform, become enabled and equipped to lead productive and creative lives and be contributing members of society. We do this through providing supported accredited training and having a film production business that employs graduates of the training.

Social Traders in partnership with the English Family Foundation, Philanthropy Australia and NZ-based Ākina Foundation created the Australian Bursary Fund with the generous support of numerous donors that include: The Ian Potter Foundation, English Family Foundation, Equity Trustees, Victorian Government, Queensland Government, Vasudhara Foundation, The Snow Foundation, Wheelton Philanthropy, Marist 180, Kofi Foundation, the Hunt Family Foundation, the Stuart Fox Family Foundation and the Wise Foundation.

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