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Jonathan Bland talks social enterprise development in Australia

June 2, 2015

Jonathan Bland, is a social enterprise expert with 30 years experience working on social business in Spain, Finland and the UK, founding CEO of Social Enterprise UK and Managing Director of Social Business International,

Last week, Jonathan was in Australia to raise the awareness of social enterprise and look at the development of the sector in the UK and what Australia can learn from this example, meeting with a range of government ministers and policy makers as well as speaking at the Social Enterprise Masters conference.

During Jonathan’s stay, he also appeared on ABC 666 Canberra with Genevieve Jacobs to discuss the current state of social enterprise, its growth and its appeal to new business start ups particularly within the younger generation.

“We have a generation of young people who want to do well and do good at the same time,” Jonathan said.

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Jonathan also appeared on ABC 702 with Linda Mottram to discuss the potential for the development of the social enterprise sector in Australia with public awareness and government support.

 Jonathan outlined three key steps in the evolution of social enterprise:
  1. Raise the awareness of social enterprise and what it is
  2. Capacity building to grow skills
  3. Access to investment

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You can also read more about Jonathan Bland’s presentation from the Social Enterprise Masters Conference on the role of goverment in social enterprise development here.
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