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Increasing B2B sales for social enterprises

February 8, 2013

Increasing social enterprise sales to corporate and large private businesses in Australia.

Social Traders has been working with a number of large corporations to engage them in procuring from social enterprises.

One of the challenges presented by this is the lack of baseline data on which companies are already choosing to buy from social enterprises. Who are the exemplars? How many big businesses are doing this? How well is it working for them?

Social Traders and The Faculty, a procurement consulting business, are conducting a research project to answer these questions…

…But we need your help…

If you have customers in big businesses (over 200 staff) that buy from you because you are a social enterprise (as well as having excellent product or service) we want them to complete a short survey.

You can forward the survey directly by passing on the link:


You can email with company name and contact and he can approach them to participate

If you have any questions or clarification requirements please contact Mark Daniels at 0414 241 766.

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