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Buyer & Supplier Networking – Melbourne

9 Apr 2018
Member Only
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Open to all ST certified suppliers, this curated event hosted by the Department of Justice & Regulation is a chance for you to meet the procurement professionals from our network of over 20 business and government buyers. We are anticipating over 100 procurement professional in attendance.

With a combination of structured and unstructured networking activities, the ‘Supplier & Buyer Networking’ session is designed to give you the opportunity to connect with new social procurement business opportunities.

9.00 am: Supplier session – The opportunities you’re missing out on, and how to get them
There are currently many more large opportunities out there than we have enterprises at appropriate scale to take advantage of. Buyers are crying out for enterprises at larger scale, with broader geographic reach, and with more agile approaches to exploring new growth frontiers.
Join us to for this supplier session to hear about the types of opportunities, and some of the innovative ways suppliers are positioning to fulfil them, including through expansion into new industries, rapid growth execution and collaboration/partnerships with other enterprises. This session will also provide an opportunity for you to network with other suppliers with a view to unlocking more opportunities and growth potential for your enterprise.

11.00 am: Presentations, informal networking & lunch
This lunch and networking activity will allow procurement staff from buyer member organisations and certified social enterprise suppliers to meet each other and get to know each other’s businesses. All buyers and all suppliers will be invited to participate in this activity which will be semi structured to ensure that buyers and social enterprises are able to have many conversations.

1.00 pm: Structured networking
Each Social Traders buyer member will outline their social procurement approach, pipeline and process with a small gathering of social enterprises to facilitate an intimate discussion. This will be repeated several times and social enterprises will have the opportunity to rotate around to different buyers and ask questions.

2.30 pm: Event close

This event is invite-only, places are limited and all attendees must RSVP.


Buyer & Supplier Networking - Melbourne

Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia