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CQ Cultural Consulting

CQ Cultural Consulting’s primary social purpose is to provide employment and training opportunities for their team, which consists of young aspiring…

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Property Initiatives Real Estate

Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) operates to provide affordable housing for disadvantaged women and children. Property Initiatives Real Estate offers sales and…

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100 Story Building

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the most marginalised children and young people in our community to build the…

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The Integrated Medical Centre

Co-Health (formerly North Yarra Community Health) is a community health service that provides a wide range of services, groups and…

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CoDesign Studio

CoDesign’s social mission is to combat social exclusion by engaging disadvantaged communities to transform their built environment. CoDesign is a…

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Social Traders Portfolio was established in 2011 to provide appropriate capital and business support to high potential, not-for-profit social enterprises. From 2011 to 2017 Social Traders supported 12 high calibre social enterprises providing $1.6 million in patient capital – alongside business coaching and support valued at $800,000.

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