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Youth For Causes

July 24, 2017

Teams in planning mode!

Youth For Causes believe that Australia’s 4.3 million young people are our greatest resource, yet they face unprecedented rates of unemployment and will inherit a world filled with social and environmental challenges that governments and not-for-profits cannot solve alone.

Youth For Causes is a social enterprise initiative of the YMCA Victoria that supports young people to become job creators rather than just job seekers, while encouraging their sense of possibility and social responsibility. We introduce young Victorians to social enterprise, expand their enterprise skills and experience, and empower them to come up with creative solutions that contribute to YMCA’s vision of creating happier, healthier and more connected communities.

Youth For Causes work with schools, local councils and community groups to deliver existing and customised programs. Youth For Causes has so far worked with over 200 young people to start 15 social enterprises, raising over $17,000 for causes they care about.


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