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May 5, 2016

WeTravel represents a dynamic response to the under­served travel market segment of people with disability and older Australians. Underpinned by extensive experience providing individualised and person­centred services, WeTravel is uniquely positioned to cater to specialised needs and deliver a superior customer experience.

As a Life Without Barriers social enterprise, WeTravel will leverage the capacity of one of Australia’s foremost not­for­profits, a large national network supporting individuals and families. Through existing services, WeTravel has a direct channel to over 5500 customers currently being supported by Life Without Barriers.

At its heart, WeTravel is a social venture that will contribute to the wellbeing , independence and dignity of people with disability and frail aged. With 26% of Australians living with a disability, and more than 3.3m older Australians the business case for delivering a service that enables greater access to this core aspect of contemporary life is compelling.

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