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Ugly Juice

May 5, 2016

SecondBite’s goal is to ensure vulnerable Australians have access to the healthy, nutritious food they need for their long term health and wellbeing.

With this project SecondBite will create healthy fruit and vegetable juices for retail sale from healthy but imperfect fruit and vegetables that are currently going to waste. Profits generated from the sale of the juice (Ugly Juice) will support the expansion of SecondBite’s work in improving nutrition and increasing access to healthy fresh food for people in need across Australia. Ugly Juice will provide an opportunity for farmers to recover some of the costs of production for surplus product and by purchasing Ugly Juice consumers will make a positive difference by:

  • Reducing the volumes of food waste in our food system, and its negative environmental impacts
  • Supporting improved nutrition and access to healthy food for disadvantaged Australians.

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