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The Village Gate

May 5, 2016

The Village Gate is a proposed not­-for-­profit Family Day Care (FDC) service that will offer high quality, culturally appropriate and affordable Early Childhood education and Care, particularly for new migrant communities.

The Village Gate will operate as a means of addressing the emerging changes and outcomes of the FDC sector in Victoria, which is experiencing massive growth. A significant number of FDC schemes have recently opened, employing new migrant women as educators in their own homes. Due to frequent poor comprehension of professional Early Childhood Education and Care – the result is often FDC providers receiving children’s services qualifications despite often having inadequate English abilities. Which in effect could mean the safety and development of the (typically new migrant) children in their care may be put at risk.

The Village Gate will operate under an organisational model that provides for more comprehensive learning and development, as well as greater supervision and employer interaction, for our educators ­ thus resulting in better child care for their client’s children.

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