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The Tarkine Learning Centre

May 5, 2016

Operating in the tourism and educational sectors, the learning experiences are designed to build individual capacities whilst promoting environmental stewardship and the sustainable management of natural and cultural values. This is achieved by supporting the development of learners’ well-being, confidence and creative potential through multi-layered differentiated learning experiences that allow for breadth of learning and depth of understanding.

The Tarkine Learning Centre’s social purpose is twofold: to improve the well-being and educational attainment levels of learners through nature-based education, and; to support the conservation and management of the Tarkine’s natural and human heritage values through education, research and hands-on activities. Services provided by the Tarkine Learning Centre to achieve their social purpose include: curriculum aligned school excursions and camps; the provision of support materials for learning activities; research and self-directed learning activities; tourism-based activities such as guided tours and wildlife viewing, and; third party site provision. These services are offered to pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary education providers as well as to online learners, people with special needs and their families, and to other groups interested in using the Tarkine Learning Centre’s facilities.

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