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The People’s Print

May 5, 2016

The People’s Print’ aims to provide an Open Access Screen print Studio for Melbourne. It will be a convergence of practicing artists, designers, school kids and community members seamlessly engaging, and creating.

The social purpose of ‘The People’s Print’ is to provide a welcoming environment that fosters, facilitates and educates in an Arts Industry setting, offering participants the opportunity to be involved within a wider artistic network. Members will belong to a fully accessible screen print studio that also offers a program of classes and workshops to enhance skills along the journey. There will be a particular emphasis to ensure those with barriers to participation are involved.

The People’s Print aims to offer the support and network for people to pursue, explore and exhibit their creativity in a socially rich environment, encouraging the benefits the Arts can bring to our community.

Access for All. Creating Together. Shared Identities. Community Vitality.

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