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May 5, 2016

SORT Recycling collects all your unwanted ‘stuff’ and turns it into useful products and creates meaningful jobs at the same time.

Digital technology, plastics, home appliances – they’re all marvellous. They’ve transformed our lives. But the options we have for recycling them have so far been limited, especially in small communities, and generally they end up in landfill.

SORT takes a fresh look at recycling. We invite households and businesses to:

  • Gather up their old stuff, sort it and clean it
  • Let us process it
  • Watch us use the tools of the 21st century to transform its lifecycle
  • Help us get creative about new products from recycled waste
  • Along the way, we offer training and create new jobs in some of Australia’s most rapidly growing industries such as digital technology, new materials, remote sensing, recycling, waste management and environmental services.

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