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Rubber Cuppy

July 24, 2017


Adam and Jessie are Melbourne cyclists and coffee enthusiasts. Along with these passions is a respect and love for our planet earth. And so- the hunt for a reusable coffee cup began.  Being confronted with what was on offer, we saw that there was no honestly sustainable reusable options to replace single use takeaway cups. So, in January 2017 we made our own. Behold; Rubber Cuppy. First traded and shared amongst friends, until May 31st when they went live on Instagram and Jessie and Adam went door to door selling to cafes. In those first few weeks we realised that we weren’t the only ones seeking an alterative to the plastic and bamboo options.  We were shocked by the instant demand for Rubber Cuppys, and haven’t looked back since. We now sell online nationally and internationally. And are cups are being used worldwide, with bike couriers in Belgium, the coffee connoisseurs of New York, our neighbours in New Zealand, and cafes across Melbourne- all taking up the honestly sustainable option.


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