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May 5, 2016

Pnyx is a flexible hub where clients, their carers and supporters, case managers, and service providers across one or more agencies can share information, reports and calendars in a secure environment.

Pnyx is a new and distinct communication solution that mirrors some of the popular features of social media to create a virtual multi­disciplinary team (MDT). It enables community care organisations to develop a plan, discuss service options, schedule appointments and keep track of progress, engaging the person and their carers in a collaborative way.

Because the service is a web application hosted on the cloud, it is secure and easy to implement for all community services organisations, big and small.

Inspired by the NDIS reform, Pnyx was setup on December 2012 on the Blue Mountains. We believe that a Case Management that is both effective and low­cost is the best way to help community organisations to accomplish their mission.

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