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Oakleigh Centre Industries (now OC Connections Enterprises)

May 10, 2016

Oakleigh Centre Industries (Now OC Connections Enterprises) has established a community-based, environmentally friendly ‘waterless’ mobile carwash service.

Using biodegradable cleaning products and less than half a litre of water on an average size car, this innovative and time efficient system can be used onsite at a time and location convenient for its customers.

OCCE’s aim is to develop a sustainable business, offering stable employment opportunities within community and commercial environments for people with disabilities, mental health concerns and the long term unemployed.


By targeting those who have traditionally found it difficult to obtain work in conventional workplaces, we also want to raise community awareness about ways in which to integrate these selected target groups into the community.

To date, the system has been tested internally and successfully trialled externally on a small scale.

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