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Mates on the Move

May 5, 2016

Mates on the Move is a social enterprise initiative of the Prisoners’ Aid Association of NSW, created to facilitate education and employment opportunities for men and women exiting the justice system.

Through a collaborative model, our 14 week training program will deliver services seamlessly from a variety of project partners, all working toward the same goal – reducing recidivism and enhancing rehabilitation. Research has shown that a parolee is 2.5 times more likely to return to custody in the first 3 months following release, compared to 12­plus months. Incarceration levels are on the increase and state intervention and support is unable to meet the growing need. By bringing together leading service providers to work with ex­-prisoners in this pivotal period Mates on the Move will provide holistic case management and service linkage across 5 pillars of support, to maximise the likelihood of successful outcomes.

From essential life skills for reintegration and employability skills through to one on one mentoring support and accredited training, we put the icing on the cake by providing practical on the job experience at our delivery and storage company and employment pathways with our corporate partners.

This innovative approach will create a sense of place and belonging for our participants – a team of people also all working toward the same goal, supporting each other. It will give individuals belief in self and the realisation they have the opportunity for a positive future. It is also an avenue to normalise the concept of reintegration by demonstrating successful outcomes, educating the wider community in the process.

Mates on the Move: Delivering Opportunity.

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