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Jigsaw Business Solutions

May 5, 2016


Jigsaw Business Solutions is a social enterprise which exists to create employment, training and skills development opportunities for people with disability in Australia, who otherwise face endemic rates of unemployment and disempowerment. Jigsaw’s core business is to offer cloud-­based outsourcing solutions for corporate and government, particularly in the administrative areas of information management and digital communications.

Jigsaw undertakes this commercial activity in order to achieve our social mission, which is to create innovative pathways to employment for young people and adults with disability, and we do this by two methods. Jigsaw offers immediate, sustainable employment to people with disability through our outsourcing model, as well as a pathway into mainstream employment with our partners through the

Transitions Program. Both of these approaches allow us to take on the endemic rates of unemployment experienced by people with disability in Australia.

Jigsaw is currently delivering upon three administrative contracts for government.

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