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May 10, 2016

In July 2015, Nick Pearce, Marcus Crook, and Robert Gillies opened the door to their clothing store ‘HoMie’, following a successful crowd-funding campaign run through their Facebook page ‘Homeless of Melbourne’.

The Homeless of Melbourne Facebook page profiles people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne through dignified portrait photography and storytelling, to dissolve the stigma associated with homelessness and humanise the issue.


HoMie is now a financially-sustainable streetwear clothing store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, and a stand-alone wholesale fashion label. The HoMie social enterprise provides brand-new clothing, retail training, and job opportunities to people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. For every item of clothing purchased in HoMie, an equivalent item of brand-new clothing is passed on to an individual experiencing homelessness.

HoMie also trains and employs young Melbournians at risk of homelessness, to empower these individuals with skills and education, and thereby keep them off the streets.

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