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May 4, 2016

(F)Route’s social purpose is to improve the economic prospects/employment opportunities of small communities across East Gippsland through creative social engagement. They aim to assist local artists and producers (particularly fruits) to showcase their products in innovative ways.

(F)Route currently exists in the form of a region-­wide community project bringing together artists and “fruitists” to create innovative, fruit­-based products, services and activities that will attract more city-based and international travellers to the region.

They aim to transition the project into a social enterprise, generating income through the delivery of creatively packaged tourist experiences – good food, exciting art, unique accommodation etc. As locals, (F)Route believes it can work more knowledgeably than others, to connect the demand for, and the supply of ­ a fabulous East Gippsland experience – with all its members contributing to and benefitting from the enterprise.

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