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Boom Power

May 10, 2016

BOOMpower is a social enterprise, which exists to transform energy markets from centralised and extractive, to local and regenerative. BOOMpower is designed to ensure customers’ receive the right energy solution for their needs, every time, while also creating opportunities for communities experiencing disadvantage.

BOOMpower’s core business is the provision of energy services, delivered through our seamless software, which manages the interface between customers and suppliers. Services can be provided to clients in-house, or delivered through partnerships, using our software-as-a-service model. Globally, we believe our software is unique – using a cloud platform, which enables the integrated assessment of smart meter and tariff data, customer profiles and location-based climate data, to optimise customers’ choice of electricity retailers, solar power, battery storage and energy efficiency solutions.

BOOMpower is currently working through software trials and demonstration projects, in partnership with Energy for the People’s existing clients.

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