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May 10, 2016

42Dots is a Bendigo developed sharing platform designed to help communities build economies that are socially and ecologically restorative. Sharing creates value from idle assets, time, money and skills. In the last decade, online sharing economy initiatives across the world have shown exciting promise to transform economies, reduce consumption and improve service. This new platform adds the missing layer: it will be owned and operated by local communities, using and building reputation, retaining value locally to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes.


42Dots will begin with car and bike fleet sharing for the city. As it develops it will allow access to other local shared assets including goods, food, money, space, work and skills. This will save money and time and build community, local resilience and reduce consumption, waste and pollution.

With a mission to replace the disposable stuff economy with a service economy, 42Dots will create and retain value locally to sustain socially and ecologically restorative economies.

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