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Start-Up Accelerator

Social enterprise is pivotal to solving today’s social, environmental and economic issues. Capacity building is a critical part of the solution.

Social Traders’ Crunch helps build social enterprises – that’s what we do.

We know that you are not motivated just by the bottom line, that you are motivated to create good in your community, and that you need support, skills and networks to get there.

We are here to help.

Social Traders’ Crunch start-up accelerator will help you build your social enterprise by testing, measuring and validating your business model, to work out whether your start-up has legs.

If you are not yet trading, we have developed a free online resource – The Builder – that will help you lay bare your customers and why they’ll buy from you – ultimately helping you do more social good.

If you have an enterprise that’s already had a few months up and running, we will help you work on your business – not in it – so that you can affirm where you are going, what impact you’re after and the steps towards achieving that.

This is an archive page

Social Traders established Australia’s first social enterprise start-up accelerator program – Crunch in 2011. The key skill gaps the program sought to address include: Business skills; access to connections and networks; and challenges in scaling. From 2011 to 2017, Crunch worked with 104 enterprises. 65% are still trading today.

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