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Social Enterprise Study Tour

Tour dates:

Social Enterprises to visit in May (see attached for more information):

  • Cleanforce (WISE Employment)
  • Charcoal Lane (Mission Australia) 
  • Thankyou Group
  • Positive Charge (Moreland Energy Foundation)

Is it for me?

The Study Tours provide an opportunity for people engaged or interested in social enterprise to hear directly from social enterprise practitioners, giving in depth and practical insight into the establishment, development and operations of their successful social enterprise. These informal and engaging tours are a fabulous opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and discussion.

How will it benefit me?

This is a golden opportunity to see the real life workings – the good, bad and the ugly – of a running social enterprise. You will get to ask questions directly to the owner or manager of the enterprise, so come prepared with the all the issues that’s been on your mind. 

What’s covered?

The study tour will feature four different social enterprises, covering a range of industries and motivations. 


This is a full-day tour from 9am to 5pm. Unless otherwise stated, all tours start and end at the Social Traders office at Level 2, 136 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.The tour includes transportation to all social enterprise locations, and lunch provided by a social enterprise.

Small tour size of up to 12. We also reserve the right to cancel the tour if fewer than 5 people are registered one week before tour date, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Feedback from participants:

“Keep it up. This is a valuable experience.”

“Very, very informative. Will definitely make use of Social Traders services in the future.”

“I’m really glad I did it.”

“Great to do site visits and see the enterprise in action.”

“Great tour! Inspiring!”

What participants found most useful about the tours:

“The variety of enterprises visited was great and the informal but informative discussions gave fantastic insight into the people behind the enterprise.”

“First hand account from those involved in social enterprise… This tour is part of our research into starting a social enterprise.”

“Opportunity to talk with management and owners.”

“Understanding the challenges in starting a social enterprise.”

“The frankness of the social enterprise representatives.”

“Small size of groups allowed time for more information sharing.”

“Discussion and shared experiences.”

“Need to be really clear on ideas and rationale.”

Read about the recap of the February 2013 tour here

Cost:  $150 AUD plus GST

Cancellation:  Cancellation and a full refund is permitted with notice in writing 2 weeks in advance of tour date.  

Next tour date:

  • Wednesday, 19 February 2014 - Fully booked
  • Thursday, 15 May 2014 (enterprises TBA) - Register Now

Social enterprises to visit in February (see attached for more information):

  • Cleanforce (WISE Employment)
  • Charcoal Lane (Mission Australia) 
  • Thankyou Group
  • Positive Charge (Moreland Energy Foundation)

Enquiries: 03 8319 8444



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