Friends of the Earth

Our Strategic Intent

Social Traders will support the growth of social enterprise by strengthening individual enterprises and building a robust and cohesive sector. In the future, we expect to see commercially viable social enterprises making a greater contribution to a dynamic economy and a more inclusive society. 

Our Purpose

To support and encourage the development of commercially viable social enterprises in Australia.

Our Approach

  • Collaborate with others to build the social enterprise sector

  • Promote different ways of doing business

  • Embrace a diverse range of views

  • Build business disciplines and rigour across the social enterprise sector

Our Goals and Objectives 

We will work with new and established social enterprises and support organisations to achieve the following five strategic goals. 

Goal 1: Demonstrate the benefits of social enterprise
  • Promote and communicate the value of social enterprise

  • Build and share the evidence base 

  • Contribute to the development of robust measurement tools

 Goal 2: Open up markets to social enterprise  

  • Shape policy to support social enterprise activity  
  • Develop strategic partnerships with government, business, philanthropic and community sectors

  • Promote leadership capability of organisations actively working within the sector

  • Raise the profile of social enterprise

 Goal 3: Increase finance available to develop social enterprise

  • Deliver an integrated training and financial support model

  • Generate investment from a range of potential contributors  

 Goal 4: Increase the trading capacity of social enterprises  

  • Build the skills and knowledge of social enterprise operators  
  • Increase the level and quality of resources available to operators

Goal 5: Establish a coordinated approach to social enterprise development in Australia

  • Provide platforms for sharing knowledge and learnings  
  • Develop a mechanism for 'one voice' where appropriate

  • Provide opportunities for the emergence of leaders and thinkers in social enterprise

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