About Portfolio

Social Traders’ Portfolio provides appropriate capital and business support to high potential, not-for- profit social enterprises.

Social Traders’ Portfolio offers capital to selected social enterprises as patient loans that may be blended with non-repayable investment. This capital investment is combined with business support and advice for up to seven years.

Social Traders support includes business coaching, financial monitoring, sales coaching and access to networks, workshops and events.

Social Traders’ Portfolio delivers:

  • Tailored, accessible and appropriate capital combined with business support
  • A ‘first step’ for social enterprises shifting from grant funding to investment oriented capital
  • Support for social enterprises, developing business discipline and rigour, to optimise social impact
  • A ‘semi-revolving fund’ where repayable investment is made available to support other social enterprises

Bridging The Finance Gap

Over the last five years, Social Traders has supported 12 high calibre social enterprises providing $1.6 million in patient capital – alongside business coaching and support valued at $800,000.

In partnership with The William Buckland Foundation, English Family Foundation and the Sidney Myer Fund, Social Traders aims to expand its social investment and support to more social enterprises. By 2025, Social Traders’ goal is to provide $12 million of appropriate capital and business support to 50 social enterprises.