Social Traders is keen to hear from eligible social enterprises looking for capital and support.

Capital is tailored to the financing needs of each organisation and may include non-­repayable grants as well as patient, unsecured debt. All Portfolio enterprises also receive ongoing business advice and support from Social Traders.

To be eligible to apply to join the Portfolio you must meet the below criteria:

  • Satisfy Social Traders’ definition of social enterprise
  • Be a not-­for-­profit organisation with a charitable purpose as defined by ACNC (DGR not required)
  • Have a fully resolved business plan that articulates your capital requirements and forecast social impact

Social Traders’ Crunch program is a proven pathway to develop a business plan for consideration for inclusion in the Portfolio.

All applicants will be screened and applicants who are considered for the Portfolio will be engaged in a collaborative, rigorous and detailed process with Social Traders to determine the most appropriate form of support and capital.