Crunch Growth Accelerator

Social Traders’ Crunch growth accelerator will assess your business and social impact performance. We will help to identify opportunities to grow and develop a strategy to make it happen. Whether it be taking the next step towards being investment-ready, enabling you to take on new contracts or scaling your social enterprise, the Crunch network has the industry skills and knowledge to assist you on your journey.

We know most enterprises need help with:

  • sales and marketing
  • financing strategy
  • organisational design
  • systems and processes
  • business planning

We also know that each enterprise brings their own skills to the table and that investors have different requirements before investing in social enterprise. So, through a collaborative and bespoke approach, Crunch will help you identify where your gaps are and what you need to do to grow.


Program Details:

How does the Crunch program work?

Crunch will work with a maximum of four enterprises at one time. The bulk of the program will be delivered through 1:1 sessions with the Crunch team supported by representatives from the Crunch Industry Professional network and EMBA students from Melbourne Business School.

Is this the right Crunch program for me?

This stream of the Crunch is for enterprises that have already piloted successfully or are trading. No matter which you are, you will have validated your assumptions and know that you have a business model that is sustainable and generates social impact.

In reviewing your social enterprise with you, we will expect to see evidence that:

  • your solution is addressing a real social problem and you are measuring your impact
  • you have customers
  • there is potential for growth
  • you are or intend to be a social enterprise
What commitment is required to take part in Crunch?

We expect that you will have a team of at least two people that are able to work on your enterprise and attend Crunch workshops during work hours in Melbourne, approximately once a month.

Our experience tells us that you should plan to spend at least two days a week working on your social enterprise during the four or so months that you are in Crunch.

Do I receive any support after the program ends?

Making the plan is the first step. We know you still need support in following the plan through and implementing it. Following the four month accelerator, you will receive up to four additional sessions over six months depending on what you need.

This is so Crunch can not only help you address the areas of your business that need attention, but also help guide you through implementation – whether this is pitching your enterprise for investment or seeking and implementing new contracts.

How much does ST Crunch cost?

Thanks to our partners, ST Crunch is significantly subsidised meaning we can offer it at $5,000 ex GST.

Thanks to support from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, there are a small number of fully subsidised (i.e no cost) places available for Victorians under 26 years old. If you fall into this category, please indicate this on your application form.

How do I apply?

There will be various intakes throughout the year. To register your interest, please send your pitch deck and financial projections to and we will be in touch with questions or a request to come in for an interview.

All documents received will be held commercial in confidence.

Who can I speak to about ST Crunch?

If you have a quick question about ST Crunch or your application, email us at

If you’d like to talk with someone, book in a time with Rebecca Green, Crunch Engagement Manager, here:


“The Crunch accelerated the planning process of the enterprise significantly, and has the enterprise at a point that is now ‘investor-ready'” – ARTS:LIVE Plus, Crunch 2014 Alumni