Becoming a member of Social Traders’ Connect provides access to a unique network of certified social enterprises.

Connect buyer members can access tailored support to identify opportunities, source and certify capable social enterprises, measure impact and communicate the outcomes. We also offer additional tools for local government buyers through the Vendor Panel program.

Connect buyer members receive:

  • Access to capability data on certified social enterprises
  • Tailored support to realise social enterprise procurement opportunities
  • Opportunities to attend social enterprise marketplaces, networking and training events
  • Access to tools and resources that enable internal engagement and implementation
  • Impact measurement and reporting

Connect members:

Australia Post  ISPT    Nestle    NAB

Charter Hall   McConnellDowell LorealCOM

LevelCrossing          Lendlease        CPB        John HOlland

Mirvac     Capella Capital      Westpac      Metro     Boral