Becoming a member of Social Traders’ Connect provides access to a unique network of certified social enterprises.

As the leading social enterprise development organisation in Australia Social Traders has access and regular contact with over 7,000 social enterprises.

Social Traders is the only organisation in Australia that provides social enterprise certification – all of our members get access to a regularly updated and growing list of over 200 certified social enterprises.

Social Traders is working with leading businesses and government departments to enable them to buy from social enterprises. The transition to buying social begins with a strategy and ends with social impact, what happens between varies across organisations. We have developed experience and resources in supporting organisations on this journey.

Connect buyer members receive:

  • Access to capability data on certified social enterprises
  • Tailored support and consulting services to realise social enterprise procurement opportunities
  • Opportunities to attend social enterprise marketplaces, networking and training events
  • Access to tools and resources that enable internal engagement and implementation
  • Impact measurement and reporting

To find out more about Connect, contact Sam Edmonds on 03 8319 8450 or email us an enquiry.

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