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The Social Enterprise Case Study Series provides an insight into how different types of social enterprises are currently operating in Australia.  Social Traders has developed this series by consulting closely with individual enterprises to catpure an inside perspective on the development of the enterprise and their challenges and successes.

Title Source Posted
Businesses set up to provide benefits to the community in which they are located.
Yackandandah Community Development Company Case Study
Social Traders 03/07/2009
Member benefit businesses which are formed to meet defined social needs of members.
Bawrunga Aboriginal Medical Service Case Study
Social Traders 21/08/2009
Businesses that exist to benefit producers and workers in developing countries by paying fair prices for products and commodities which they on-sell in developed countries.
Fair Trade Coffee Company Case Study
Social Traders 09/09/2009
Green Social Enterprise Case Study Series
The Green Social Enterprise Case Study Series provides a detailed exploration of five organisations that have developed trading businesses to deliver on their environmental and social missions.
Green Social Enterprise Complete Case Study Series.pdf, CERES GSE case study.pdf, Eaglehawk GSE case study.pdf, Green Collect GSE case study.pdf, GV Community Energy GSE case study.pdf, Kildonan GSE case study.pdf
Social Traders 27/06/2012
ILMs create a bridge to the open labour market for individuals experiencing long-term unemployment.
Community Contact Service Case Study.pdf
Social Traders 27/09/2010
New Thinking in International Trade? A Case Study of Day Chocolate Company
A detailed business analysis of the growth of the Divine Chocolate Company - Social Enterprise of the Year, 2007, UK - which has won a significant share of it's market.
Divine Chocolates Study.doc
Other 16/09/2009
Businesses that undertake commercial work in order to create employment for people with a disability.
Cleanable Case Study
Social Traders 09/09/2009
Urban Communities - Housing Provider
Melbourne based specialist not-for-profit Housing Agency focussed on developing and applying expertise in urban renewal, particularly in public housing estates.
Urban Communities Case Study.pdf
Social Traders 27/10/2010
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