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This section features publications from a wide range of sources covering topics of interest to social enterprise practitioners, investors, and others. It will grow over time, with your help. Thanks for your input and for posting publications you think others would find useful.

Title Source Posted
A baseline study of Australia's community recycling enterprises
This study sought to document activities and impacts of Australia's community recycling enterprises (CREs) and understand the conditions under which they succeed.
CRE final report 24 May 2012docx.pdf
Social Traders 18/06/2012
A Case for Social Procurement
Social Enterprise: Making It Work
Other 25/07/2012
A Grantseeker's Guide to Trusts & Foundations
Published by Philanthropy Australia, this guide is for those seeking grants from philanthropic sources wishing to know more about the processes and structures of Australian grantmakers.
Other 12/02/2012
Australian Research Papers, Evaluations, and Research in Progress
Research papers, evaluations, and research in progress in Australia
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Guides on financing a social enterprise
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Community and Employee Buy-Outs
Guides and presentations on community and employee buy-outs
Employee Buyouts.pdf
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Community Development Financial Institutions
Reports and books on CDFIs
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Community Enterprises
Reports and workbooks on community enterprises
The limits of social_enterprise seedco.pdf
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Development Trusts
Guides on development trusts
Social Traders 17/08/2009
From where I was to where I am now
The book tells the personal stories of how seven lives have transformed and the vital role social enterprise play in this transformation.
Social Traders 07/02/2012
Governance of Social Enterprises
A guidebook to corporate governance of social enterprises
Other 26/06/2012
Impact Measurement
Reports and toolkits on impact measurement
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Intermediate Labour Market Enterprises
Papers and evaluations on ILMs
Social Traders 17/08/2009
International Social Enterprise Journals
Listing of international social enterprise journals
Social Traders 15/07/2009
Opening Markets and Procurement
Articles and guides on opening markets and social procurement
Social Traders 17/08/2009
Report: Support and Strengthen Green Social Enterprise
Research commissioned by Sustainability Victoria to map green social enterprises in Victoria and to understand the business support needs of identified green social enterprises.
Social Traders 16/12/2011
Social Enterprise Articles
Australian and International articles on social enterpise
Social Traders 01/02/2010
Social Enterprise Bibliography of Academic Resources
Includes description and full citation of numerous books and articles
Social Traders 15/07/2009
Social Enterprise Books, Magazines and Newsletters
A list of social enterprise related books, magazines and newsletters from Australian and International sources
Social Traders 30/11/2009
Social Firms
Papers and tools on Social Firms
Social Traders 17/08/2009
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