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 Social Traders' Initiatives

Social Traders supports both start-up (explorers) and established (implementers) social enterprises. Working with Government, community, philanthropic, business and research partners, Social Traders aims to open up markets, increase access to finance, encourage Government to enact supportive policy, and build capacity of social enterprises to trade successfully. Social Traders hosts events and undertakes a range of activities to raise awareness about social enterprise; and demonstrate their benefits,

Social Traders currently hosts four initiatives within its organisational structure. These are:

  • The Crunch; provides an opportunity to turn an idea for a new social enterprise into realty
  • Building Social Enterprise Trading Turnover (BSETT); works with eight established social enterprises that have capacity to grow and increase their turnover
  •  National Social Enterprise Sustainability (SES) Project; works with social enterprises across Australia to help them attain social and economic sustainability
  • The Builder; an online, step-by-step guide on how to build a social enterprise.

NEW GEN is a youth social enterprise program being run in conjunction with the Victorian Government to support young people, aged 16-25, in actively founding, leading and managing social enterprises.

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